Christmas Home Tour 2016: Take a Peak Inside

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Christmas Home Tour 2016

Christmas Home Tour 2016: Take a Peak Inside

Christmas Home Tour 2016

Hey you, Merry Christmas! We are THRILLED you stopped by. Come on in!  Welcome to our place. Get cozy, take a look around. The only decision you have to make in the next 5 minutes if you’d rather have candy canes or marshmallows in your hot chocolate. Wait…you want both? Way to let your hair down.

How has this season been for you so far?  For most people we’ve talked to it’s a pretty tangled mosaic of crazy-busy-celebration with dashes of painful moments interspersed.

We’ve all coming into this time of year with unique perspectives.  Memories and Circumstances that have shaped how we view and anticipate this time of year. Some with Joy and some with total dread.

Our own hearts are heavy at the moment due to the passing of our very close friend and co-worker; an incredible man we’ve had the privilege of serving along side for the better part of 15 years. He gets to celebrate Christmas in heaven this year and I can’t even imagine how spectacular that is. I’d say we got the raw end of the deal on this one.

Loss, pain, and sickness always feel unjust, but there’s something about Christmastime that makes it feel even more so.  We have an expectation in our minds for how we’d like things to go and 9 times out of 10 it just doesn’t work out that way does it?

But truly, that’s what makes this time of year all the more important.

We each have before us the opportunity to firmly fix our eyes, not only on the day and experience of Christmas, but beyond that, what Christmas accomplished; the ushering in of Immanuel-God with us, so we could ultimately be with Him.

THAT fact, will give you cause for celebration no matter what life looks like on this earth.  And that’s the hope we’re firmly fixing on this year.

So if you could use a little infusion of hope and joy slip off those snow boots and come on in!

Christmas Entry Way Rug


Just a few Silver Berry sprigs to dress up our $6 Entry Way (and yes it was easy and you could TOTALLY do it) 😉


Christmas Entry Way

First stop is the Living Room where most of the Christmas happens


Christmas Home Tour

A little garland and a few ornaments help this floor lamp get its Christmas on


Christmas Lamp decor

A few simple vignettes help keep Christmas moving around the room.  Pine cones get a quick coat my favorite silver spray paint. And these little orbs were $0.75 from Pier One.  If you happened to see my Instagram Post, then you know my love for all things Pier One Christmas.

Pier 1 Silver Orbs


Everybody meet Santino. Santino, everybody. He’s Gunther’s new friend.  Isn’t he adorable? He was a recent present from Pier 1.  Now, I may just think that all silver dogs are adorable, BUT seriously, talk to me about THIS little guy on Amazon.


Ceramic Chihuahua Dog Sculpture


Easy Christmas Decor

Here’s a few close ups of the mantle


Christmas Mantle

The JOY stocking holders are from the ghost of Christmas past, BUT here’s one similar.


Christmas Mantle

Peace Sculpture

 If you can’t tell, I have a thing for words 🙂 Welcome to the tree. He’s new this year and I named him Charlie. You’ll be happy to note that every time he poked me while fluffing his branches I’d yell out, “Charlie bit me, Charlie bit my finger….and it’s still hurting.”  I’m sure it didn’t get old at all. #IAmNotAboveQuoting9YearOldYouTubeVideos


Typography Christmas Tree

Hope Christmas Ornament

Christmas Tree 2016


Christmas bulbs

Christmas Living Room

Before we leave the living room, here’s our Black Friday find from Michaels. “Jingle” Pillow.  See, told ya I have a thing for words. #IHeartTypography

Jingle Christmas Pillow

Next stop the Dining Room. Just a few simple tweaks in here help make it festive.

Christmas Dining Room

Textured silver ornaments join the apples on the dining room table.  And a tinsel tree and feather tree stacked on a vase finish off the corner nook.  Total decorating time: less than 10 min. #win

Easy Christmas Dining Room Decor

Here’s a first, a quick peak at our Master at Christmastime.


Chrismas Master Bedroom


Talk about using what’s in your hand. These stack-able boxes were once upon a time presents filled with chocolate covered cashews. And the “present topper,” a napkin ring.


Christmas Vingette

This Nativity was mine since I was a little bitty.


Christmas Nativity

No place is off limits for a little Christmas cheer. Basements…


Christmas Vingette

Just scatter around a few ornaments. It takes 30 seconds.


Christmas basement decor

Even bathrooms can get festive with a little clearance sparkly tree

Christmas Bathroom Decor

Last stop, my office.   “Merry & Bright” artwork courtesy of my friend Emily at Lovely Words. Check out her hand lettering guys. Her prices are ridiculously affordable. 

Christmas Typography by Lovely Words


We are SO glad you stopped by today! No matter what 2016 has looked like or how your heart is feeling this Christmas, I hope you’ll make the choice to celebrate.  Christmas is so much more than a day.  It’s a day that changed everything. And if we can keep our hearts set on that, it’ll give us cause for celebration the other 364 days a year as well.

Praying for you all in this holiday season. Merry Christmas you guys and have a wonderful New Year!



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Comments (2)

  • Kimberly H. Smith Reply

    Another stunning Christmas Home Tour this year! My condolences on the passing of your friend and co-worker. Thanks for sharing on #TrafficJamWeekend. Wishing the two of you a prosperous and blessed 2017!

    January 5, 2017 at 12:17 am
    • Chris & Megan Reply

      Thank you so much Kimberly! Thanks for hosting, always love when you stop by 🙂

      January 6, 2017 at 7:03 pm

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