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How to NOT Fear the Future

How To NOT Fear The Future

 How to NOT Fear the Future

by Chris Rea

Fear is one of those tricky emotions. It sneaks up subtly and can really seize us up- even cripple us if we let it.

And THAT friend is the golden nugget of this post: “If we let it.”

Up until last year, I was a person who, honestly, never really battled with fear. I have other struggles of course, but fear? Not so much.

Then, without warning in 2017 I got hit with a tidal wave of stress and worry resulting in a complete attack on my mind.


5 books that changed our lives

5 Books That Changed Our Lives

5 books that changed our lives

You know that friend who when they discover some new amazing product or company or store they just can’t keep it to themselves?

Well guess what?

I am that friend. Example: Last Sunday while Christmas shopping, I dragged my mom and sister ½ way around the crazy-crowded mall because i KNEW they would love this store. And you know what? I was right.

Anytime I discover a new podcast, it mysteriously works its way into all my conversations. And discovering a restaurant this Paleo-eating, food-allergy-having girl has a great meal at?

Bring your earplugs.


I have good instincts I tell you. Good instincts. And I won’t recommend something to you that I personally haven’t fallen in love with.

So when I say, there are 5 books Chris and I can’t recommend enough; 5 books we can, in all honesty say, completely changed our lives, you should listen. Because I would never blow smoke up your…nostrils. That would be weird. How would you breath? I digress.



Happy #GivingTuesday



#GivingTuesday is a global giving movement that has been built by individuals, families, organizations, businesses and communities in all 50 states and in countries around the world. Millions of people have come together to support and champion the causes they believe in and the communities in which they live.


We have two days for getting deals — Black Friday and Cyber Monday. On #GivingTuesday, we have a day for giving back. Together, people are creating a new ritual on our annual calendar.

Think of #GivingTuesday as the opening day of the giving season.


Every act of generosity counts and each means even more when we give together.

The beauty of #GivingTuesday is it’s a celebration of America’s greatest traditions: generosity, entrepreneurialism, community. Everyone has something to give.


Would you consider starting the giving season right by making a one time or monthly donation to No Small Life?


Together we can help people:

*Rediscover Hope
*Create a Vibrant Spiritual Life
*Engage in Thriving Relationships
*Excel in Practical Living
*Add Value to lives of others

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Want to learn more about No Small Life? Click here


You know what? You’re amazing! Thank you and may God bless and multiply what you sow into His Kingdom! We can’t wait to change the world with you.


Chris and Megan Rea



NoSmallLife is a 501 C3 non-profit organization.

Comparsion is a Liar. Here's how to stop it in its tracks

Comparison is a Liar. Here’s How to Stop it in its Tracks

 Comparsion is a Liar. Here's how to stop it in its tracks


If you’ve never struggled with comparison, 2 things.

1. You are a Cyborg

2. Teach me your ways.

For the rest of us, comparison can be a harsh reality in the way we live our life. And it’s something I’m all too familiar with. (I talked about the biggest lie I battle here.)


What's the balance between taking action and trusting God?

What’s The Balance Between Taking Action & Trusting God?

What's the balance between taking action and trusting God?


Lately, I have a question pacing back and forth in my head.

You know the kind. Constantly nagging at you. Annoying. You just can’t shake it.

Like “diner” smell on your clothes or 90’s R&B lyrics in your brain.

The question is this, “What’s the balance between praying and believing God for something vs. rolling up my sleeves and getting to work?”


What to do when your time with God grows stale

What To Do When Your Time With God Gets Stale

What to do when your time with God grows stale



Chris and I decide to go on a regular date night.

We pick Fridays.

Each Friday at 7pm we meet at the car.

I wear skinny jeans.

He wears plaid.


We exchange compliments and exactly 1 ½ kisses. You know what I mean.

While driving we listen to precisely 3 songs.

The same 3 songs we’ve listened to the previous 14 date nights.

We go to the same restaurant.

Sit in the same booth.

Order the same menu items.

Walk the same route.

Have the same conversation.

Drive home.

Repeat next Friday at 7pm



You know what that is? BORING.

Bordering on tragic. We’d basically be living #datenight Groundhog Day.


4 Things to Gift Yourself in September

4 Things to Gift Yourself in September

 4 Things to Gift Yourself in September

Fewer things connect me to the promise of new beginnings like getting a good whiff of freshly sharpened pencils.

Ahh, the school supply aisle.  I don’t know what it is, but everytime I walk past, that aisle at Target i feel compelled to buy a new lunch pail and convince myself i NEED a striped notebook. (Although this planner does already occupy my heart.)

I am well aware that I have been out of school for **cough cough** years, but still, September, in all its perfectly-blank-notebook-glory, will ALWAYS feel more like a new beginning to me than January.  Call it 15+ years of conditioning, (thanks education system) but Fall just seems like the ideal time to hit the “refresh” button.


How to get out of debt and create a budget you'll want to stick with

How To Create A Budget That Doesn’t Make You Want To Cry

How to get out of debt and create a budget you'll want to stick with

by Chris Rea

Recently, I read an incredible blog post called, “Focus and Finish,” from Crystal Paine. Something powerful happens when you focus all of your energy on a single goal or vision. Many times we spread our focus out over several areas of life at once and never really achieve the results that we want. I totally understand that reasoning, BUT…

What if we could focus the majority of attention on one area?


What if we could create a vision for one thing, develop a plan to accomplish that vision, and then persevere to achieve that vision?

I am a huge fan of focusing on one thing at a time. Because honestly, it’s where I’ve seen the most results in my own life.


2 Truths for the Days when you feel you're not Enough-NoSmallLife

2 Truths For The Days When You Feel You’re Not Enough

 2 Truths for the Days when you feel you're not Enough-NoSmallLife


I am notorious for choosing the wrong paint color. And there is no better example of my notoriety than when we redid our kitchen and dining room 4 years ago. You know before we sold our home and 70% of our belongings 😀 but that’s another story.

There I sat.


Folding chair.

In my mess of a reno kitchen.

Intimidated by tiny paint chips

What I THOUGHT was going to be the world’s most perfect wall color would’ve, in fact,

reminded any sane person of “1970’s appliance avocado.”


It was dark time.


Who's getting the BEST Version of you?

Who’s Getting the BEST Version of You?


Who's getting the BEST Version of you?


I’m a firm believer that the people closest to us should receive the best version of us.

And because you’re an amazing human, I’m sure you agree.

But WHY is that concept so much easier in theory rather than practice? It’s easy to be charming to the Starbucks Barista you may never see again. Maintaining that same level of “love” and charisma for the people that live in your house however, is a different challenge entirely.