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7 Ways to Wear Leather & Keep it Classy

7 Ways YOU Can Wear Leather & Keep It Classy

 7 Ways to Wear Leather & Keep it Classy


If you were to ask younger me if I could wear a leather ________

( jacket, skirt, bracelet, WHATEVER) the answer would’ve gone something like this: (*nervous giggle)….”oh wait, you’re serious? No, um I’m not really the ‘biker type.’ I’ll leave the leather jackets and Harley’s to my Dad.  Unless…shoes? Do, leather shoes count?”

I was obviously extremely well rounded and not sheltered at all.

From time to time we love to do a style post as a practical way to help you celebrate life. And while this post is definitely going to lean more towards the ladies, guy readers, you are about to get SO many gift ideas and even links to purchase said gift ideas. So basically, you’re all welcome 😉

Has there ever been a trend that you wanted to try but didn’t have the confidence to pull off?  (like Camo maybe?) A look you thought was so cute, JUUUUUST not for you. It was reserved for “other” people.

You know the ones. More confident, skinnier, better hair, popular, bigger bank account?

Well guess what you- that is a lie in your head.  You can adapt and pull off just about any fashion trend you set your mind to if you’ll just believe you can.  Your style doesn’t define you. It enhances who you already are and is a reflection on how you view yourself. C’mon you know its true.  How many times are you having “one of those days” and all you want is your giant gray sweatshirt. 😉

But here’s the thing you forget, lovely one: you have been formed together and wonderfully made by a God who is CRAZY in love with you.

SIDE RANT: When I was in 9th grade I went on a missions trip to Russia. And one of our interpreters frequently used the phrase, “Crazy, Nuts, Insane.” Please imagine that in a thick Russian Accent.  So awesome.

The moral of that side rant is this: that’s how much you’re No Small Life is adored and celebrated by heaven.  You are loved in a manner that is so over the top crazy that our human minds can’t even comprehend it.  Let that sink in and boost your confidence. And let that confidence spill over and nudge you to try a few things outside your comfort zone.  You know, like something a little more fun that your college sweatshirt. 😉

Now, if you’re anything like younger me and perhaps shied away from the leather trend reserving it for “other people,” I’ve got fantastic news for you. I’m going to show you 5 pieces and 7 outfits that’ll help you easily wear leather or ‘pleather’ for all my vegan buddies out there.

Ready to have a little fun? Well, buckle up because I refuse to take myself too seriously when doing a fashion shoot for a post. To easily shop this post, click the links throughout AND the handy dandy graphic at the end of the post.

*this post contains affiliate links

For those of you just dipping your toe into the trend, here is your new best friend: ¾ leather accent sleeved cardigan.

7 Ways you can wear leather

Here’s a similar one for $12 DOLLARS!

This is EASY to pull off no matter what your body type or areas you’re not looking to accent may be. The attention is drawn to your fore arm. Your FORE ARM. Fore arm’s don’t have fat days! You will basically just feel cute all the time when you wear this 😉

How to wear leather 7 differnt ways

Here I paired it will an Express tank, Express girlfriend jean, grey booties and a double layer necklace from The Limited. Can we all just have a moment of silence for The Limited. Sad day. But here’s a similar necklace for $6!

Alright, when you think of leather what’s the first thing that pops in your head? Jacket immaright? Why not update it with a fun color? I got this burgundy “leather” on clearance at in Florida. WHERE WE SHOULD ALL GO TO BUY LEATHER BECAUSE WHO NEEDS A LEATHER JACKET IN FLORIDA?! Please forgive the bitter cold mid-western in me rising to the surface.

7 Different Ways you can wear leather

I’m showing you two ways here.  One a little more casual:

Striped Long Sleeved Tee, Express Distressed Mid-Rise Legging Jean, Target Slip-on Sneaker

How to wear leather

How to wear a colored leather jacket

AND…this is what happens when I tried to make my sister (aka photographer) laugh. If you listen real hard you can almost hear her rolling her eyes.

Yep and here we go. Real life kids. Necklace in the mouth. Totally #bitit. #nailedit #urwelcomeforincludingit.

How to rock a leather jacket with a pop of color


Let’s “serious” this up a bit and go a little more business casual:

How to wear leather to the office

Boot-cut denim, plaid boyfriend shirt, Limited necklace (similar) RIP Limited.

While we’re on leather jackets, you know what combo I go “crazy, nuts, insane” over? ( You’re gonna use that phrase, just you watch.) Leather & Lace: feminine with a little edge. Love it.

Here I paired a Lace Express tank with a brown leather Express Jacket, my ‘Inspire’ Giving Keys necklace, Girlfriend jeans, and tan booties from F21.

How to wear leather and lace

And one more Leather & Lace look:

Navy Leather vest from Kohls (it’s old but here’s are similar ones in gray & black under $25!) Long sleeved lace shirt , Giving Keys necklace, girlfriend jeans, nude pumps.


How to wear a Statement Necklace 5 Ways

Stretch your Wardrobe: 5 Ways to Wear a Statement Necklace

How to wear a Statement Necklace 5 Ways

Style is a funny thing.  It doesn’t define you, but it is how you are initially perceived.  And if you’ve walked through a difficult time, forget it, it’s usually the first thing to go.  Yoga pants, oversized T’s and all things gray seem much more likely to be the uniform of choice. (For more tips on busting out of a funk, check out our last post)


The BEST Winter Coats on a Budget

The Perfect Winter Coat for Under $100

The BEST Winter Coats on a Budget

I hate to break to it to you, but Winter is coming.  I know, trust me. I feel you.  Michigan is seriously such a lovely place to live.  Except. In. Winter.  Now, there are times mind you when Winter is absolutely gorgeous.  Snow capped trees, dangling icicles and that white frosty blanket that just glistens over the ground right after the freshly fallen snow.


It’s so pretty… when viewed behind a window…from the inside…while holding a massive mug of Hot Tea.   I’m so sorry for offending all of my ski-bunnies, snowmobile-er’s, and fans of all things icy.  But I just can’t get on board.

In high school, I went on a ski retreat with my youth group. Within the first 10 min I managed to take out 1/2 the people standing in line for the chair lift as well as get called “all sorts of fun names” by a very crabby snow boarder.


Not my finest moment.


SO, I will gladly cheer you on and get on board with all the “indoor things” until um, mid-March.


The GOOD NEWS is, if you live in a cooler climate, you really only need 2 things this Winter in order to look stylish and on trend. Ready for this?:


10 Fresh Ways to Wear Plaid AND…a Giveaway!!!

How to Wear Plaid-NoSmallLife

Are you jumping in the leaves yet? ‘Cause it’s the 1st day of Fall ya’ll!


That’s right, I said it. I am finally ready to embrace Fall…even though I may be among the last to the party. While everyone else is itching to get into their boots and sweaters I’m usually wearing skirts and sandals right up until the last appropriate minute. But then last year, I had an epiphany…


Fall Wardrobe Updates under $50

14 Amazing Fall Fashion Finds for Under $50

14 pieces to update your fall wardrobe

At the Start of every season, the Fashion World unites to tell you how insufficient your current closet truly is. Magazine covers are strewn with headlines declaring:

“The TOP 10 things you MUST HAVE in your closet,”



“Your 5 BEST purchases this fall,”



“The greatest things you could EVER put on your body to change your life, your world, your destiny.”



life hack-how to get dressed faster

Life Hack: 1 Simple Trick to Get Dressed Faster and Look Awesome!

Easy fix to get ready and out the door faster!

10 Months ago the Mr. and I started sharing a car.  It’s actually a very cool “God-story” the details of which I will share eventually. However today, that’s not the point.  Today’s post is a little trick I’ve had to pick up BECAUSE we share a car. It’s called, “Megan-you actually have to leave the house on time.”


3 Ways to Wear Camo & Still be Girly

3 Ways to Wear Camo & still be Girly

If there’s one trend I never thought I’d dabble in, it was Camo.


Camouflage was for boys, and GI Joe Dolls Action Figures and Spice Girls.


Buuuttt, I changed my tune a year ago and I’m glad I did because I could wear my Camo Jacket Evry. Day. If you let me. It acts as a neutral


The BEST Winter Coats for Under $100

Top 12 Winter Coats for Under $100

If you live in a cooler climate, you really only need 2 things in order to look stylish and on trend this Winter.

  1. A Cute Coat
  2. A Great pair of Boots.

Now of course there will be occasions that you take off your coat, but if you’re out and about on your day off, do you ever even unzip the thing? (more…)

How to transition your clothes all year round

Transitioning your Summer Clothes into all 4 Seasons

1 dress 4 seasonsdouble belt


As much as I’m not a winter girl, I’m thankful that I live in a state that experience’s all four seasons; because there are few things in life that can take your breath away, like driving around a bend in the road and being met by a sea of colorful leaves. Fall is here in all its reddish -gold glory, and it’s all because seasons change.

New seasons in our own lives can be both thrilling and terrifying, but never be discouraged because seasons change and juuuust when we think we can’t handle one more snowflake or one more 90 degree day (both metaphorically and in reality)…a new season is right around the corner.

So, whatever season you may find yourself in today, I pray that you’re heart is encouraged, because seasons will change and we are promised to never be handed more than we can handle. And just as seasons change in our lives and in our world, there’s one other place that seasons change…in our closet! (Oh you knew there was a segway in there somewhere 😉 (more…)

14 NEW Ways to Wear a Classic Fall Trend

14 New Ways to Wear a Classic Fall Trend

Fall is officially here! That’s right, I finally said it. I am ready to embrace Fall…even though I may be amongst the last to the party. While everyone else is itching to get into their boots and sweaters I’m usually wearing skirts and sandals right up until the last appropriate minute. But then last year, I had an epiphany.

            I used to only think of clothes in terms of “summer” and “winter.” I mean, I live in Michigan after all, Spring and Fall are mere blips on the radar unfortunately. BUT, my epiphany led me to the conclusion that there truly are some looks you can only wear in the fall. Some things only work well either:

  1. only above 40 degrees OR
  2. only before you cover them with a winter coat.